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If you wish to report a pothole or any road or pathway problem (including flooding, overgrown vegetation and fly-tipping) then you will need to do so to WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL as they are responsible for all highways and street issues across the County. You can do this in a number of ways:

 Visit the website:  http://love.westsussex.gov.uk/reports/home. (You are able to report an issue and upload photos using a live map)

  Report with the West Sussex mobile app: If you have a smart phone you can download the free app which will enable you to report issues on the move and track its progress

 Or simply: Phone WSCC Highways on 01243 642105

Please note: If you are reporting an emergency, such as trees which have fallen down or drain/inspection covers that are missing, either during office hours or which will require an out of hours response, then please phone 01243 642105. All reports received through Love West Sussex or submitted to the email addresses are not monitored over the weekend or on bank holidays.

Footpaths and Rights of Way – any issues regarding these, please report to the Parish Council or report directly on 01243 777620 or email prow@westsussex.gov.uk


If you wish to report a water leak or missing manhole cover outside of your property then you will need to contact SOUTHERN WATER on 0845 278 0845 (missing manhole cover) or the Leakline 0800 820 999 (water leak)

Please contact OPERATION CRACKDOWN for anti-social driving (i.e. speeding, careless and aggressive driving and driving whilst on a mobile phone) and abandoned vehicles. Either via the website www.operationcrackdown.org or 01243 642222

To report all non-emergency POLICE matters, call 101 or email contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk

Advice on bonfires and guidelines can be found on CDC website (www.chichester.gov.uk)

In general terms, the occasional small garden bonfire burning dry wood/plant material may be acceptable, whilst burning of other household materials such as painted wood, plastics, furniture and mattresses etc would not. Do not light a fire if the wind will carry smoke over roads. To report any problems with pollution (noise, air and light) email environmentalhealth@chichester.gov.uk or phone 01243 534598. Severe problems with these may be reported to the local Police for their advice on 101.

Dog Warden Services www.chichester.gov.uk/dogcontrol or 01243 785166

Please note:

The Parish Council has no power to deal with issues between neighbours. However an informal pleasant approach by yourself to the person responsible, could resolve the matter without involving the need for a formal complaint. It may also be more effective and least damaging in the long-term.


Lodsworth Parish Council – updated March 2015

Other Parish/Useful Contact Details:

Chichester District Council 01243 784683

Doctors: Riverbank Medical Centre, Midhurst 01730 812121

Petworth 01798 342248

Hyde Martlet (Hyde Housing – Chichester) 0800 3282282

Lodsworth Garage, Lickfold 01798 861842

Lodsworth Local Care 077830 51095 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Lodsworth Larder 01798 861947

Outlook - email : outlook.west.sussex@gmail.com

Police non-emergency number 101 (emergency 999)

Springfield Veterinary Centre, Midhurst 01730 816833

St Peter Church, Lodsworth and St James Church, Selham – Rev. Derek Welsman 01730 812655

St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester 01243 788122

West Sussex County Council 01243 777100

Woodland Veterinary Centre, Midhurst 01730 814321

Lodsworth Village Hall Lottery 01798 860936

Lodsworth Village Hall Bookings 07922 139225 or email lodsworthvillagehall@yahoo.co.uk

The Parish is still looking for a Neighbourhood Watch representative. If anyone wishes to volunteer for this post, please contact the NW co-ordinator, Sandy Moore on 01428 724804. However in the meantime please do sign up the Sussex Police’s Community Messaging site to receive timely messaging alerts directly. Sign up can be found at www.sussex.police.uk/my-account/community-messaging-sign-up



Advice if you are planning to have a bonfire

If you have garden waste to dispose of, try and compost as much as possible. Consider using a shredding machine, which can reduce hardwood materials into mulch for use on your garden. The remainder can be taken to one of the household waste recycling centres. If you must light a bonfire, ensure that the material to be burnt is dry. This will minimise the amount of smoke produced.

* Do not light a fire when the weather conditions might cause the smoke to travel into your neighbours garden or property.

* Remember that smoke will hang in the air on a damp, windless day and in the evening around sunset.

* Position any bonfire as far away from buildings as possible. Do not light a fire if the wind will carry the smoke over roads.

* Never leave a fire to smoulder - put it out with water or soil.

* Remember, heaps of garden refuse provide a haven for small animals such as hedgehogs. Check before you light.

* Take care to keep children away from a bonfire. Supervise burning as much as possible.

* Burn only dry plant/wood waste. Avoid burning any wood that is treated/painted or any other household waste.

    Lodsworth Local Care





This directory has been created as a source of information and quick reference for people living in the Parish of Lodsworth who may be experiencing challenges related to health or social needs for themselves or for friends, dependents and those in their care. It is intended as a SIGNPOST to point people in the right direction for appropriate help and information.

Click here to download the Directory, which will open in a separate Word document. There are many web links to the various services - either copy the wording (in underlined blue text beginning with www. . ) into your web browser and press Enter,


keep your cursor over the wording, hold down the CTRL key and left-click the text.  The service will open in a new page.